Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thiry years makes a difference!

Well,I experienced my first full day of babysitting. My son was at work and my daughter-in-law was volunteering at the Steven Siller commemorative race in New York City. The night before my assignment, I made bottles, checked the diaper and formula supply did laundry and set out books and toys. When the big day arrived, I needed to be at my son and daughter-in-law's house by 7 am. I stopped at DD to get my coffee and bagel so that I could have my breakfast while I was waiting for five month old, Emma to wake up. She usually wakes up around 7:30 so I thought I would start the day on schedule. So much for plans. She was already awake when I walked through the door! She must have been anticipating our day together also. After changing, feeding and packing up--quite a feat in and of itself, I began my first of several trips to bring supplies to my car. It's a good thing I have a SUV because I needed lots of room. When we got to my house, which is only five minutes away, I reversed the process and was already tired after bringing the last few things into the house. Then it was all a blurr. We played, sang songs, toured the house, read books, rocked, swayed, supervised tummy- time, bounced, stretched, shook rattles and squeaked toys, wiped chins, soothed, fed cereal and applesauce, wiped furniture, accumulated lots of laundry items, and prayed for a full nap time. I ate my breakfast and hit the rest room at 9:30 and gathered up the necessary items for the rest of the day. All was repeated in the afternoon and I started checking my watch in anticipation for the afternoon nap. Since she is teething and not sleeping well at night, I wanted her to rest well during the day. When I fed her her bottle in the afternoon and we cuddled together in my rocking chair, I found myself holding her through her hour nap and just watching her sleep. She really is a little miracle. When my son arrived at five pm, I have to say I was exhausted. As they left to go home, I realized that I had not planned for dinner. Oh well, it's been thirty years since I have had to take care on an baby and a house. I don't know how I did it. I enjoyed my day with my little cutie pie and I even lived to write about it. I'll go to bed earlier next time.

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