Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This past weekend I went to Bristol, Rhode Island to attend my niece's wedding. Besides seeing her married to a great guy, I was so delighted to see many members of my family that I don't see very often. Since we live at a distance from one another, my two sisters and I were happy to be able to spend time together and to share stories of grand parenting. Each of us had one of our grandchildren there, so it was fun to watch them and since my granddaughter was the youngest at four months old, I enjoyed being reminded of the stages that were sill to come. My sister Carol had her 3 1/2 yr. old there. He was very well behave because his mother made sure to tell him what to expect at the ceremony and reception so that his behavior was appropriate. He was happy to have play time but was also able to sit still and not talk during the quiet times too. He told me all about "school" and was really funny. My other sister, Marion had her 2 yr. old with her. He is very friendly and was thrilled to have the DJ play his favorite song during the reception. It was about a chicken in the kitchen and many adults were happy to be doing the dance with him. Hey, I've seen many adults looks sillier doing their own dances! One of the highlights was having the photographer take a picture of all three of us sitting together with our grandchildren on our laps. It will be a special picture of each of us and especially for our ninety-five year old mother who was not able to make the trip from Florida. She will get to see us all together. There was one grandchild who was unable to be with us and another baby to be born next April. Hopefully, we can all get together again next year and get a picture of all eight of us. I never want to take these visits for granted. They are really the best of times.

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