Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School 2013

It's that time again. My, how fast the summer came and went! Here are some tips to get back into the school groove or to get off to a good start for the Kindergartners. 1- Start now to get on the correct time schedule. Even though kids have adjusted to being up late and sleeping in, now is the time change back to "school time" so it can be a gradual adjustment. It will take a week or so for the body to shift into early nights and mornings especially since it is still staying light out fairly late into the evenings. 2. Start choosing snacks and lunches. The first week on school is NOT the time to try new, easy, packable lunches and snacks. I don't want to recall the number of them I saw thrown into the trash because the kids didn't like Mom's selections. Let the kids start sampling now so you can make a list of what will work. Choose healthy things that are easily make the night before or quickly in the morning. Also, don't forget to let the kids give you some ideas. They will tell you what they will eat. You can compromise on the suggestions to some degree and post the list so you can add to it as the year goes on. 3. Start reviewing the basics. If you have let the kids slack off on reading and math for the summer, now is the time to getting the brains in gear. Tell them to spend some time each day reading. You can decide what amount of time is age appropriate but even the little ones can spend 15 minutes looking at books. Don't forget to keep up with the read aloud bedtime stories. For writing practice, have them write (including texting or messaging) a relative or friend some fun things they did during the summer or things they are looking forward to this year. Math concepts can be practiced in a game format while doing household chores and routines. For example: If we use a knife, fork and spoon at each place setting tonight, and have 5 people in the family, how many pieces of silverware will we need? Another example would be-"Let's use our shoes to make a pattern- sandal, sneaker sneaker, sandal, sneaker, ?, what comes next"? or "Which of these containers holds more water? Lets put in into the bathtub tonight and you can see." Whatever you choose to do, remember to start now and keep it fun. Beginnings matter, so make sure your child gets off to a good start. Good luck! Here are some books you can look for in your local library, bookstore, or online: For younger children- Simon Starts School by Sharon Pierce Starting School by Franzesks Ewart Starting School by Allan Wahlberg School Starts Today by Carolyn Hayes For older kids- Starting Gate (a Saddle Club title) by Bonnie Bryant Starting School by Johanna Hurwitz The Boys Start the War by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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