Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Here are two easy ideas to keep the kids entertained during the Fourth of July BBQ. Set up a work area and provide them a sample to look at. Then, let them create!

1-Buy each child a pair of plain white shoe laces. Give them a variety of permanent markers and let them decorate each lace with stripes, stars, flowers or anything they like. They can choose colors that match their sneakers/tennis shoes. Then let them replace the old dull laces with their brand new glam laces!

2- Using a piece of cardstock or oaktag, let children paint a fireworks pattern with plain white glue and a thin paintbrush. Next, give them cake/cookie colored sprinkles to pour on top. Let dry for a while until pieces are set. Gently shake off the excess pieces and admire their work.


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