Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Keepsake Album

Here is a quick project that requires a few supplies but creates a wonderful gift for a Mom, Godmother, or Grandma.
You will need:  a few storage size zipper style plastic bags
                       card stock, any color
                       ribbon, twine, or yarn
                       a hole punch
                       old greeting cards,calendars or magazines

To begin, choose any number of plastic bags, depending on how many "pages" you want in the album.  Line them up and punch two holes in the sealed end (bottom) of the bag at each end. The bags will be put into the album with the zipper side on the right. Refer to the first photo. I am pointing to where I punched the holes.

Line up the bags so that the holes are in the same place for each bag.

Next,  choose 2 pieces of card stock. Cut them to 71/2 " by 9 1/2 ". You can use markers to decorate the front cover, or you can recycle pictures from old calendars or the fronts of used greeting cards. You can also make a montage of several pictures. Make your decisions based on your Mom's favorite things and colors.
Punch matching holes in the front and back card stock covers. Line up the bags with the bad name/logo/label on the back so that the top of each "page" will be clear. Starting with the back cover, lay each bag with the opening to the right. Top with the front cover. Poke ribbon or twine from the back through the holes toward the front and tie with a knot or bow. Place you name and the date on the front or back cover

Now Mom can put special keepsakes into each bag and zipper it shut. Ideas would be notes, letters, postcards, recipes, garden notes/seed variety packets, business cards, photos or any thing else she would like to keep organized.
Top it all off with a big hug and kiss! Happy Mother's Day to all.

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