Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2010 Books and Craft Idea

Pooch on the Loose, A Christmas Adventure, written by Steven Kroll, illustrated by Michael Garland, published by Marshall Cavendish, Tarrytown, NY. This adventure takes place in New York City. The children are invited to follow Bart, a cute little terrier, as he escapes his apartment and scampers around to see the Christmas sights. Any child who has visited the city will recognize the famous locations. Anyone who loves dogs will love this book.

A Very Marley Christmas, written by John Grogan, illustrated by Richard Cowdrey, published by Harper Collins, NY. This is another great holiday dog story, continuing in the Marley series. You can imagine how tempting all the holiday decorations are for Marley. While the family waits for snow, they try to keep Marley's excitement contained.

Christmas Craft: Rudolph magnet

Supplies include 2 corks, one brown pipe cleaner, one red pom pom, two wiggle eyes, magnet tape and glue.
Directions: Glue the two corks together, narrow ends together. Let dry completely. Glue eyes in  place and red pom pom as the nose. Let dry completely. Cut the pipe cleaner into four equal lengths. Poke them into the end and bend the tips to look like antlers. Cut a piece of magnet tape and place on the back. Use your magnet to hold recipes to the range hood, photos to the refrigerator or notes to the file cabinet.

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