Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Recommended Reading and Craft

Milo and the Mysterious Island written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister, published by North-South Books, New York. This book is a wonderful way to engage children in a discussion about making wise choices. After the setting and characters are introduced, the book spits into two stories, one with a happy ending and the other with a sad ending. Children can learn about consequences in an exciting and interesting way, while enjoying beautiful watercolor illustrations.

A Frog in the Bog, written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Joan Rankin, published by Margaret K. McElderry Books, New York. This wonderful read aloud book incorporates, counting, rhyming, and the cutest watercolor illustrations. It's just a joy to read with a youngster.

Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter, written by Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrated by Ken Kuroi, published by Philomel Books, New York. This story of a parents love is set in the Aleutian Islands. It tells of an adventure that Joshie takes that leaves him lost at sea.Thejourney home is so wonderful, it can easily become a enchanting bedtime favorite. The pencil illustrations are a treat for young and old.

Easy Cardboard Bulletin Board Craft Project for Father's Day.

1. Cut a piece of heavy cardboard the size you want to bulletin board to be.
2. Cover one side with wrapping paper, or plain paper that your child can decorate with drawings or stamping.
3. An adult should cut slits at random points along all four sides.
4.Let the children stretch colorful rubber bands between opposite slits at random.
5. It can be used on a desk, or you can attach yarn or twine through punched holes at each corner for hanging.

Slip photos, calendars or business cards under the rubber bands for a secure hold.

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