Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Craft Project

Butterfly Mobile

Supplies: For this project you will need one or two small branches from a tree, some white or colored tissue paper, scissors, markers or highlighters, pipe cleaners, scrap yarn, thread.

1. Using yarn,wrap the branches together at the thickest part.

1 Hold several pieces of tissue paper together, the size depends on the age of the child and how well they can manipulate the pieces. Cut out several ovals, cutting through all layers of paper. Cut a second set of ovals slightly smaller than the first.

2. Decorate the pieces with markers or highlighters (for lighter shades) using scrap paper underneath to avoid bleeding, concentrating mostly on the edges.

3. Layer one smaller oval on top of one larger oval, mixing up the colors for brighter butterflies.

4. Pinch the ovals in the middle and wrap a small piece of pipe cleaner around, twisting to hold tight. Adjust the wings to be even and fluffy. Bend the tops of the pipe cleaners to form the antennae. Continue making as many butterflies as your want.

5. Cut various lengths of thread. Attach the butterflies to different spots on the branches. Hang on a porch or near a window. Let Mom watch the little beauties flutter in the breeze! Enjoy!

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