Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easy St. Patrick's Day craft

Shamrock Leprechaun

For this project you will need, green construction paper or card stock, scissors, tape, ribbon, string or a pipe cleaner, and crayons or markers.

To make a large shamrock, use three hearts, points together to make a template.
Use this as a template to trace and cut one large shamrock out of green paper

Trace around the template to make one large shamrock.
Draw a face on the shamrock
Cut two long and two short strips of green paper for the arms and legs.
Accordion fold each paper strip and attach one end of each to the back of the shamrock. Out of any color paper, cut two hands and two feet.
Attach the hands and feet shapes to the folded strips.
Use the pipe cleaner or some ribbon as a hanger.
You can embellish with gold glitter if you wish.
Here's your finished craft.

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