Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Books For Children to Read in August!

Well, August is here, and many families go on vacation this month. I have a lengthy list of great books to get for kids to read or listen to while on vacation especially if going to the beach! I love lighthouses and dogs and the following list of books have one or both as their topic. I have divided them into books for younger kids (K-2) and then older children (grades 3-5)

Book for K-2

Who Sees the Lighthouse? by Ann Fearrington, illustrated by Giles Laroche, published by G.P. Putman's Sons, New York. This terrific counting book takes the reader to all the different lighthouse around America. It is a rhyming book with wonderful illustrations.

Pea Soup Fog by Connie Macdonald Smith, illustrated by Jen Cart, published by Down East Books, Maine. This heartwarming story stresses the importance of community and friendship. The illustrations are charming.

My Dad Fixed the Lighthouse by Martin J. Nally, illustrated by Christopher J. Burnham, publisher- This story is about the lighthouse off the coast of Salem, Massachusetts

Three of my Favorites by the same author, illustrator, and publisher:

Captain's Castaway written by Angeli Perrow, Illustrated by Emily Harris, published by Down East Books, Maine. This story is based on true facts about a girl who rescues a castaway dog and what happens when the captain comes back to claim him.

Lighthouse Dog to the Rescue. This story is also based on real life events. It tells about a brave and loyal dog who saves a boat lost at sea in a blizzard. It's so exciting that kids really are mesmerized.

Sirius, the Dog Star . This story, based on an actual event, is about a huge Newfoundland dog who's asked to risk his life to save a shipwrecked crew. This another nail biter that kids and adults will love.

Books for grades 3-5:

Birdie's Lighthouse by Deborah Hopkinson, illustrated by Kimberly Bulcken Root, published by Aladdin Paperbacks. This story is the journal of Birdie, a young girl who lives in a lighthouse. She is called upon to keep the light going when a storm hits and her father is taken ill. It is a Parent's Choice Honor Book.

Lighthouse Seeds by Pamela Love, illustrated by Linda Warner, published by Down East Books, Maine. This beautiful book, based on a true story, tells about a girls who plants seeds in all the rock crevices since the family misses their garden on the mailand.

Safely to Shore by Iris Van Rynbach, published by Charlesbridge, Ma. This book tells the story of America's lighthouses and all the chores and problems faced by the families who maintained them in order to
protect seamen and their ships.

What is a Sea Dog? by John Jensen, illustrated by Richard J. King, published by Mystic Seaport. This books of photographs tells a bit about real life famous sea dogs! It also has interesting facts that kids will enjoy learning.

The Sea Chest. This book, based on a New England legend, tells the story of a child, Miata, and her life growing up in a lighthouse. When one night during a storm, a sea chest is blown up on shore and that's changes her life forever! What could the truck contain? Let the children guess and then read to see the surprise!

Enjoy every minute!

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With all this rain we're having here, I could always use some book suggestions! Thanks!