Sunday, December 28, 2008

January Books For kids

As promised, here are some favorite books for kids that are perfect for January.

Winter Weather- "Snowsong Whistling" by Karne Lota illustrated by Elisa Kleven
This is a delightful rhyming book about a snowstorm and the illustrations are gorgeous. A wonderful book to read aloud to a child.

Polar Bears- "Big bear Little Bear" by David Bedford and Jane Chapman
An adventure story of a polar bear cub with a sweet ending.
- "The Three Snow Bears" by Jan Brett
This is similar to the three bears story but with polar bears instead of brown bears. As usual with a Jan Brett book, the illustrations are superb.

Coordinated art project:
This is a very simple art project to follow the reading of the polar bear books.
First, make a simple basic sketch of a polar bear body and head on white copy paper. (See illustration.)It doesn't need to be exact.
Second, slowly tear around your outline to make the furry effect.
Third, use a blue piece of construction paper or cardstock as a water background. Tear an simple iceberg shape from white copy paper and glue it onto the blue.
Fourth, glue the polar bear body onto the iceberg. Glue the head between the front legs as shown.
Fifth, use a black marker or crayon to make the small circle eyes, larger oval nose, and claws.

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bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

My grandchildren and I go to the library on a regular basis. I started reading to the oldest one now 15 when she was 3 weeks old and she has had a love of books all of her life. She is in the Journalism Academy at her h.s. The youngest ones love going to the library and choosing their own books to borrow. Yes, I love the Jan Brett books and they especially like the 'Gingerbread Baby'. Now that they are in elementary school (Pre-K and K) they have even more to enjoy.
They enjoy "And the door bell rang" by Pat Hutchins over and over.
My favorite author is Kevin Henkes. Can you tell Childrens' Lit. is my favorite subject! I am so glad the children are stationed in this area for a few years so that I can nuture their reading too.

Thanks for sharing your favorites. I'll be back to see your next suggestion.